Did You Know? Rare, Popular Jeep Easter Eggs to Blow Your Mind

If you’ve got a Jeep and love finding hidden surprises, we’ve got you covered! Check out our handy guide to spot those cool Jeep Easter eggs on your ride. It’s like a treasure hunt on wheels.

Since the late 1990s, every Jeep has been secretly hiding a fun surprise somewhere on its body. These sneaky little details are called “Easter eggs,” like the ones you hunt for on Easter Sunday. They’re like a nod to Jeep’s awesome past, and owners love spotting them almost as much as the Jeep logo itself!

Some of these hidden gems on Jeeps can be pretty tricky to find, especially if you’re not in the know. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Check out our guide to uncovering the coolest Jeep Easter eggs and where they’re hiding.

Popular Jeep Easter Eggs

It’s just plain fun spotting a topographical map on your gear shift or catching sight of Bigfoot scaling over your rear windshield molding. That unexpected whimsy makes stumbling upon these Jeep Easter eggs a moment worth remembering.

First Jeep Easter Egg

Back in 1997, vehicle designer Michael Santoro decided to add a special touch to the Wrangler redesign. He snuck in the iconic seven-slot grille imprint, not just for airflow but to kick off the tradition of Jeep Easter eggs. Then, in 2011, Jeep surprised us again with a mini Jeep grille inside the headlamp bulb shield of the Grand Cherokee.

Nowadays, Jeep folks and design teams are on their A-game, constantly coming up with fresh and clever ways to surprise owners with hidden visual delights on every ride. Whether it’s the Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, or Renegade, there’s a trove of Easter eggs waiting to be found. With new designs always in the works, each model offers its unique treasures, ensuring that Jeep enthusiasts get that rush of excitement every time they drive off in a new SUV.

Popular Jeep Easter Eggs And Where To Find Them On Your Jeep

Need a hand finding those hidden treasures? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! While there’s no guarantee where you’ll find them, here are some usual spots to start your hunt before your next adventure.

  • Jeep celebrates its history with hidden surprises, like vintage Jeep Willys on rear windows or stamped on wheels.
  • Utah’s Moab desert inspires a mini-topographical map near the gear shifter.
  • Jeeps’ road grip is likened to a gecko, represented by a hidden figure under windshield wipers.
  • Floor mats might reveal a T-Rex fossil.
  • All Jeep models feature a small seven-slot grille design on headlights.
  • Morse code on the dead pedal spells out “Sand, Snow, Rivers, Rocks.”
  • The Renegade’s design nods to old gas can attachments with an “X” on the roof panel and rear lights.
  • The grille icon hides throughout the vehicle, like near the rearview mirror or stereo speakers.
  • Change cubbies might surprise with another Moab trail map.
  • Orange paintball splotches on the Renegade’s RPM redline are a design team’s playful touch.
  • The rare Sasquatch can be spotted on the back windshield.
  • Jeep logos peek from underneath mesh fabric on seat covers.

Popular Jeep Models With Easter Eggs

Most Jeep Easter eggs can be found across models, but there are a few exceptions.

  • Jeep Liberty sports morse code “JL” beneath its logo.
  • Renegade owners might spot a spider saying “Ciao Baby!” on fuel tanks.
  • Gladiators flaunt flip flops on the cowl.
  • Compasses feature Nessie on rear windshields.
  • Gladiators pay homage to Toledo with “419” referencing its area code.

Did it catch you off guard that you hadn’t noticed your Jeep’s Easter egg? With various icons and hiding spots, some are trickier to find than the classic grille on the Wrangler hood.

Enthusiasts take pride in their special Easter egg. In 2020, Jeep Easter eggs gained popularity on TikTok, with owners proudly sharing their unique finds on social media.

Now, when someone asks, “What’s your Easter egg?” you can proudly reveal your vehicle’s unique stamp and share its story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Jeeps have hidden Easter eggs?

Most modern Jeeps do. Models like the Renegade, Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Gladiator are known to feature hidden Easter eggs.

How can I find the Easter eggs on my Jeep?

While some are easier to spot, others require a thorough search. Check various parts of your vehicle, including the steering wheel, taillights, and even under floor mats.

What kinds of Jeeps have hidden animals?

Several Jeep models feature hidden animals. For instance, the Compass has a gecko and the Loch Ness Monster, while the Renegade sports a spider near the gas cap. Cherokees may have T-Rex or Bigfoot designs on windows.

When did Jeep Easter eggs first appear?

The tradition began with the 1997 Wrangler, featuring a rendition of the seven-slot grille.

Do 2020 Jeeps have Easter eggs?

Absolutely! Easter eggs gained popularity in 2020 after being showcased on TikTok. Renegades and Gladiators had various surprises, from seven-slot grilles to unique designs on dashboards and cup holders.

Where can I find Easter eggs on a Jeep Rubicon?

Jeep designers have hidden Easter eggs in creative spots, including flip flops on the windshield cowl and Willys silhouettes on wheels, shifters, windows, and floor mats. Rubicons may also feature a topographical map and a dinosaur skull on floor mats.

What is Jeep ducking?

Jeep ducking involves placing a rubber ducky on someone else’s Jeep as a friendly gesture. It originated in Ontario, Canada, in 2020.

Why is there a lizard on my Jeep?

The gecko symbolizes the Jeep brand’s off-roading capabilities, showcasing its gecko-like grip on challenging terrains.

Do Jeep Cherokees have hidden Easter eggs?

Yes, all Jeep models, including the Cherokee, hide Easter eggs.

Where are the Easter eggs on the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Grand Cherokee L boasts various Easter eggs, such as a map of Detroit and Willys Jeep symbols. The exterior features an American flag and “Since 1941” scripts. Inside, you’ll find a seven-slot grille and more surprises.

What does the star on a Jeep mean?

The Freedom Star on a Jeep represents its heritage as a military vehicle, symbolizing freedom and strength.