Hidden Jeep Grand Cherokee Easter Egg locations

Hidden Jeep Grand Cherokee Easter Egg locations

As a grand list of Jeep Easter eggs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee includes all of those themes, with some unique appearances for you to discover.

First up, the previous-generation Grand Cherokee WK has “Since 1941” and the Willys Jeep silhouette engraved into its headlights. The “No Step” moniker appears on the side rails, too. Certain Grand Cherokee SUVs have the seven-bar grille on the inner liftgate molding, and on the steering wheel, you may find “Since 1941” proudly displayed.

The Willys Jeep makes its cameo in a truly cool way. If so equipped with a parking assist system, the instrument panel screen of your Jeep Grand Cherokee may display a three-dimensional model of the original Willys Jeep in place of modern vehicles. If the Renegade SUV’s spider is a bit too out-there for your taste in Jeep Easter eggs, you’ll be pleased to know that the Grand Cherokee uses a silhouette of the 1940s Willys Jeep instead.

Under the hood of a Grand Cherokee L, you might see a map of Detroit to display pride toward the American-made origins of your new ride. And on the sides of the dashboard in the Grand Cherokee L, “Since 1941” engravings bring even more pride. Up on the windshield, you’ll see the seven-slot grille, but with the modern Grand Cherokee headlights instead of the original rounded design of the Willys Jeep.

Back in the third row of a Grand Cherokee L, there’s that iconic Willys Jeep silhouette climbing the driver’s side window. On the passenger’s side window of the third row, you’ll see the Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L SUV’s silhouette instead.