Hidden Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg locations

Hidden Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg locations

As the original bearer of Jeep Easter eggs, the Wrangler continues to come packed with Easter eggs. And as the most iconic adventurer in the lineup, they all pay tribute to the spirit of this legendary 4×4.

The first is the 1997 model’s seven-bar grille Easter egg. You’ll find it on the cowling, in between the windshield wipers.

And that grille appears elsewhere. It’s inside the headlights to stare down the road with iconic strength, and, if so equipped, it’ll be on the front-facing advanced radar sensor housing.

A silhouette of the Willys Jeep appears in plenty of places on your Jeep Wrangler. For example, the Willys Jeep silhouette can often be seen climbing the edge of your windshield (on some models, it’ll be the silhouette of a modern Jeep Wrangler instead).

The silhouette also makes a cameo on the gear-shifter (for certain automatic models), on some wheel options, and certain all-weather floor mats.

The steering wheel of a Wrangler has three bumps around the center logo cap, which is a reference to the steering wheel design of a 1940s Willys Jeep.

For more heritage-filled Jeep Easter eggs, start up your Wrangler; “Since 1941” will appear on the instrument display, referencing the year when the first Jeep vehicle came to life.

The instrument cluster’s screen start-up sequence shows the original Willys Jeep appear and then turn into its modern descendant.

Moving on, these Jeep Easter eggs also pay tribute to 1941 with the main form of battlefield communication from the era: Morse code. In the rear cargo area, under the electrical outlet, you’ll see “JL” with some Morse code accompanying it, and when you crack the code, you’ll find that it also says “JL,” which, for those who don’t know, is the generation of the current Jeep Wrangler.

A pair of flip-flops may be seen as an Easter egg on the cowling. Furthermore, certain all-weather floor mats may have a map of Moab printed on them, and if you follow the map, you can find a T-Rex skull.

The Wrangler has some of the most Jeep Easter eggs to discover; read on to see how the other models compare.