Hidden Jeep Renegade Easter Egg locations

Hidden Jeep Renegade Easter Egg locations

Complementing the Wrangler, the Jeep Renegade has even more Easter eggs to find, and some of the most unique and fun ones, too. It’s only natural, as this smallest member of the lineup has one of the biggest spirits.

For starters, one of the Jeep Easter eggs that you’ve definitely seen is in the Renegade SUV’s taillights. Notice the “X” design within the taillights? That’s a tribute to the gas cans that the original Willys Jeep carried through the battlefields of WWII.

It’s also there on the headlights, and within both Xs, there’s the iconic seven-bar Jeep vehicle grille saying “hello” and proudly displaying the heritage behind the Renegade. The “X” also appears within the cupholders and on the roof.

Now step inside and take your seat; your Jeep Renegade likely has a strange splotch design on its tachometer to denote the engine’s rpm limit (aka “Redline”). That’s another one of the Jeep Easter eggs. It’s a reference to the design team’s favorite weekend sport: paintball.

The Jeep Easter eggs go on in the Renegade, and the next is under the gas filler door: A spider saying “Ciao Baby!” The Jeep Renegade was made with help from Italian engineers at Fiat, and “ciao” is an Italian word that can mean “hi” or “bye,” depending on the context. When you fill your Renegade up, you’re saying “ciao” to adventure and “ciao” to boredom.

Speaking of saying goodbye to boredom, look out your Renegade SUV’s rear window, and you might see a silhouette of Bigfoot.

On certain Renegade models, there’s a long, long list of other Jeep Easter eggs.

You can find a silhouette of the original Willys Jeep driving across the windshield and on the removable sky panel latch (if so equipped).

The seven-bar Jeep vehicle grille appears on the rearview mirror housing, inner tailgate panel, and speaker bezels. “Since 1941” appears above the infotainment display. A map of MOAB is on the Trailhawk trim’s coin cubby. “To New Adventures!” is under the start/stop button. An aircraft-like “No Step” moniker is on the side rails. The Jeep brand logo is under the cloth seat trim, and a few more can appear, too.

When you get a new Jeep Renegade, you get a whole bounty of Jeep Easter eggs to keep you company.