Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM)

Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM)

This system watches out for how you’re steering and how fast you’re going. If it thinks there’s a gamble of a wheel lifting off the ground, it steps in. It could tap the brakes or ease off on the engine power to help keep all your wheels on the road. But don’t worry, it won’t interfere unless you’re pushing your driving skills to the limit.

Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM) helps in extreme driving situations, however, it can’t stop wheel lifts brought by things like bad roads or hitting stuff. It’s there to help, but it has its limits.

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If you turn off ESC completely, ERM won’t work either. Look at the ESC area to understand all the different modes.


Loads of things like how much stuff you’re conveying, the street conditions, and how you’re driving all affect if your wheels might lift or if your vehicle could roll over. Keep in mind, that ERM can’t prevent every rollover, especially if you’re going off-road or hitting things. Continuously drive responsibly for everybody’s safety.

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