Stop/Start Not Ready Cabin Cooling or Heating: 8 Ways To Fix

Stop/Start Not Ready Cabin Cooling or Heating: 8 Ways To Fix

Ever seen that message on your car’s screen saying, “Stop/Start Not Ready Cabin Cooling Or Heating”? Well, if you have, you’re in luck! This article has everything you need to know about fixing that little hiccup.

Alright, so what’s up with your Jeep? Well, seems like when the AC or heater is on, and the car hasn’t hit the right temp yet, that Stop/Start thing won’t kick in. It’s always checking the temps, and once they’re good to go, bam, it starts up.

That’s why it’s super important to dig deep when you run into an issue with your Jeep. Sometimes, you know, those quick fixes can end up costing you big time, and the problem might not even get fixed. So, hey, we’re here to lend a hand whenever you need it.

So, first up, let’s dive into how the Stop/Start system actually operates. After that, we’ll tackle what’s up with that “Stop/Start Not Ready Cabin Cooling Or Heating” message and what could be causing it.

Finally, we’ll figure out how to fix things. Alright, let’s get into it.

What Is A Stop/Start System?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of cooling or heating issues, let’s understand what the Stop/Start system is all about.

We want to make sure everyone’s on the same page, especially if you’re new to Jeeps and how this system works.

The Stop/Start system isn’t a recent innovation. It actually showed up over 20 years back. Now, it’s becoming pretty common, with even Jeeps like the Wrangler and Gladiator jumping on board.

Still, this setup achieves two goals: it makes cars use less fuel and cuts down on pollution.

You’ve likely heard about this nifty Stop/Start feature. It’s like a fuel-saving wizard! Imagine sitting at a red light and your engine takes a little break. It’s small pauses like these that add up to big savings on gas in the end.

The system can tell when the car isn’t being driven and will shut off the engine accordingly.

Throughout the year, this system helps you save lots of fuel. Wondering how it works? Dive into the next chapter for a closer look under the hood.

How Does The Stop/Start System Work?

Let’s dive into how this Stop/Start system works. Understanding this will help us grasp common issues with start-stop technology.

This system is pretty straightforward. It stops fuel and spark when the car is idle, turning off the engine until you start moving again.

When you press the accelerator, the system restarts the engine, letting you speed up smoothly.

For everything to run smoothly, the engine and cabin temperatures both need to be just right.

The computer checks data from various sensors all over the vehicle.

If certain conditions aren’t right, the system stays inactive, showing messages like “Stop/Start Not Ready Cabin Cooling Or Heating.” We’ll dive into this specific issue in the next chapter.

What Does This Message Mean?

So, let’s dive deeper into the issue and explore when this message pops up.

When you see “Stop/Start Not Ready Cabin Cooling Or Heating,” it means your Stop/Start system isn’t ready to kick in. This happens when certain conditions necessary for its operation aren’t fulfilled, so it stays inactive for now.

The key is not to worry, it might not be an issue.

There might be other reasons for this. We’ll dive into them soon and figure out what’s going on

Stop/Start Not Ready Cabin Cooling Or Heating: 8 Ways To Fix

Let’s figure out why you’re seeing this message. We’ll list all the potential reasons for it on your cluster.

We’ll begin with what’s most likely, then explore less likely options.

So, let’s get started.

1. Cabin Temperature Not Reached

One reason this happens is when the cabin isn’t yet as warm or cool as we want it to be.

This is what usually triggers the problem and can really bug folks every day.

Cabin Temperature Not Reached

That happens because the inside of the car might be too hot or too cold for the Start/Stop feature to kick in. It needs the temperature just right, according to the car’s settings, to function properly.

Once your car’s inside gets comfy – not too chilly, not too toasty – the system’s good to go. So, it’ll kick into gear when things cool down or warm up just right.

Adjust the A/C until the system’s content and the message disappears.

2. Climate Control Is Set On Full Defrost

You might also see this message if the A/C is on defrost mode.

You likely know defrost mode – it’s when the blower is cranked up high.

In this case, the Stop/Start system won’t work. Just switch off defrost mode, and everything will go back to normal.

3. Max A/C Is Enabled

Ever notice when your A/C’s blasting at full tilt, things go wonky? That’s ‘Max A/C’ mode. But what’s the diff between that and regular ol’ A/C?

With standard A/C, you’re getting some fresh air mixed in from outside the car.


When you crank up the A/C to Max, it’s like the air inside gets a loop! Instead of bringing in new air, it just keeps swirling the same cozy cabin air around and around.

Just switch from Max A/C to regular A/C.

4. Cabin Climate Control Requires Service

If your climate control system isn’t working right, it can mess up a bunch of stuff. And fixing it? Well, that can be a real headache.

If the A/C motor conks out, there are leaks, or your cabin filter’s all gunked up, guess what? Your A/C’s going to give up the ghost completely.

Fixing just the A/C should solve the message problem.

5. Bad Battery

Another reason for problems like this could be the car battery. It’s the 12V auxiliary battery that often causes such issues.

This battery powers your car all the time. Lots of systems rely on it, like the Stop/Start system.

Bad Battery

The system relies heavily on the battery for a steady flow of electricity to function properly.

That’s why we recommend giving your battery a quick check. If it’s below 12.6 volts when the engine’s off, it might mean your battery’s not in top shape or your alternator’s acting up. Just a heads-up.

6. Broken Sensors

If any of those little sensors go wonky, it can mess things up. Like with the Stop/Start system – it relies on a bunch of sensors. If they act up, it might throw error messages like we’re seeing.

Broken Sensors

So, here’s the deal with the cabin temperature sensor. It’s like a special gadget that checks how warm or cool it is inside the cabin. If that little guy isn’t working right, you might start feeling like you’re in a sauna or an icebox when you’re driving.

Alright, to figure out what’s up, grab an OBD2 scanner. It’s like giving your car a check-up to see if there are any clues about what’s going on with this system.

7. Bad ECU/PCM

A faulty car computer, like the ECU or PCM, can cause weird issues like the one we’re having now.


Some say ECU, others say PCM, but they’re the same thing.

Sometimes, this computer might glitch and show weird messages like this one.

8. Software Glitch

Finally, there’s the software issue. Jeep’s system is notorious for bugs, so you might occasionally see an error message like this.

A quick software update at the dealership can fix this issue if it’s software-related.

Fixing Jeep Stop/Start Function for Cabin Cooling Or Heating

Let’s dive into fixing the hiccup with your Stop/Start system. One quick fix is to toggle the Stop/Start feature off and then on again. This often does the trick.

If that doesn’t do it, try adjusting the cabin temperature until you find the sweet spot for the system to cooperate.

Also, ensure the defrost mode and Max A/C are both turned off.

Check your car battery too. If it’s acting up, replacing it might do the trick.

If none of these work, the issue could be with the sensors, ECU, or software. It’s best to swing by the nearest dealership for a closer look.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Issue?

Fixing the problem doesn’t always mean spending money. Sometimes it’s free! But if there’s an issue with certain parts like sensors or the PCM in your Jeep, it might set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

What’s Cabin Cooling and Heating All About?

Imagine being comfy inside your car, whether it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold outside. That’s what cabin cooling and heating is all about. When it’s scorching, the AC kicks in to cool things down, and when it’s chilly, the heater warms you up.

Why Does My Jeep Say “Stop Start Unavailable”?

Ever seen that message on your Jeep? It’s saying that the auto stop-start feature isn’t working right now. No need to panic, it just means the system isn’t able to stop the engine automatically when you’re at a standstill.

What’s “Start-Stop Ready” Mean?

“Start-Stop Ready” is like having a super-efficient engine. It’s a feature in some cars that lets the engine take a breather when you’re stopped, like at red lights. It fires back up quick when you hit the gas again, saving fuel and cutting emissions along the way.


In this article, we talked a lot about the issue with the message “Stop/Start Not Ready” and cabin cooling or heating.